Letter to editor: Misses Democratic Party of old

Misses Democratic Party of old

In the Feb. 27 paper, I noticed an article in regard to the election of the new national chairman of the Democratic Party, Tom Perez. According to the report, Perez pledges to unite a fractured party and rebuild at all levels … reaching out to chunks of rural America. Does that pledge mean that those of us who hold moderate or even midly (gasp) conservative views would be welcome back to the table? I miss my old Democratic Party of long ago.


Rob Daniel 5 days ago
"I miss my old Democratic Party of long ago"?   

Let me get this straight.  

Trump and Republicans initiated an all out assault on rural America this week through proposed cuts to the USDA.  Cuts to meals on wheels.   Cuts to water and conservation programs rural communities depend upon.  Cuts to programs rural schools depend on.  And lastly, taking healthcare away from millions in rural America.   

Under Democrats, President Obama and Sec. Vilsack, the USDA was responsible for 1.2 million home loans to rural families who would never have had homeownership otherwise.

There were 5,000 water projects financed by the USDA under Obama and Vilsack.  Some of them here in Texas.  

Billions of dollars in economic opportunity with support for over 100,000 businesses supporting nearly half-a-million jobs in rural America.  Billions of federal dollars in crop subsidies and insurance payouts under OBAMA. 

Under President Obama from 2010 to 2015 over 6 million non-college educated whites, a significant portion of Trump's base, obtained healthcare.  The Republican plan is to take their healthcare away. 

So Mr. Mack, is the "Democratic Party of long ago" a euphemism for Jim Crow?  Does it mean supporting greed for the wealthiest, racism and bigotry as the GOP does now?

Do the Dems, en masse, have to support Republican legislated voting discrimination and discriminatory districting against minorities?   In winning over racial animous, this is what the GOP gained from the OLD DEMS.    

Maybe that also means denying other folks equal rights just because they are different from you?
Billy Glenn 4 days ago
Notice how liberals think. They will take a black Communist and use him as a normal person and anyone who opposes him is accused of being racially predigest.  But the voters finally awakened.
Did you know that Ralph Abernathy was a Communist? The liberals are not for black people ("African Americans"). They are actually promoting communism.
Liberalism uses two wrongs to to create political correctness. The voters finally got wise to that.
Liberalism defeated itself, with a lot of help from us.
Never confront a bull head-on, and never confront a horse from behind and never confront an idiot from any direction--and a liberal is an idiot. Watch how the idiots respond to these comments.

Jeff Ross 4 days ago
You lost me at "black Communist Billy.

Obama is neither a black nor a Communist.

Just wondering. Does the Sun orbit the Earth, or is it the other way around? 
Barry Keith 4 days ago
Inspired by their leader, all kinds are crawling out into the light of day now.   Not pretty.   Get the Raid can.   
Rob Daniel 3 days ago
Glenn, you idiot, more than 13 federal judges decided Texas Republicans were, as you say, "racially predigest[?]".  Nice spelling. 

Stop using straw mans and start fully reading comments you disagree with. 
Rob Daniel 4 days ago
Billy is still upset about Numbers and the consequences of poor choices he's made........and the Voting Rights Act. 

Edited to add:  Billy is also upset that he couldn't lynch Dr. King along with Abernathy for standing up against Segregation.   Billy won't use the N word in his comments so he thinks the C word is just as bad (because he's an idiot).
Barry Keith 4 days ago
The Republican Party, of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and even of Reagan has disappeared and is sorely missed as well.    
Trakar Shaitanaku 4 days ago
A lot of Republican-lite corporatists are going to be headed back to the Republican party over the next decade, perhaps they can bring their party back toward the middle where they can be comfortable again. The Democratic party is headed back to it's progressive roots where it can effectively represent the people again instead of being the other face of the party representing only the wealthy interests in our nation.
Billy Glenn 4 days ago
My comments must have been good ones because you leftists have come out of the woodwork.  LOL
Ross, stop lying.
Rob, why would I want to "lynch Dr. King"?
Trakar, bye, bye liberals. And, I do mean bye, bye! LOL You'll are too boring. Every move u make is a lie, from your ratings to your introduction and everything in between.
Jeff Ross 4 days ago
I didn't lie Billy.

Are you both a geocentrist, and a flat-Earther, or just one or the other? It would be nice to have a clue how ignorant and delusional you are before continuing with this conversation.
Gary Mims 4 days ago
And once again you are back into a corner with the absence of information to support your claims. And now you resort the to childish name calling which happens every time you join these discussions.
Rob Daniel 4 days ago
Presumbably, Billy, you old corn pone bigot, you were once standing outside of Abernathy's Church waiting for he and King to come out so you and your fellow hood wearing friends could lynch them both.   

Seems like everyone you disagree with must be a communist.  You must be a blast around the Holidays. 

Billy, now that you're older why are you so lonely and angry that you must continue to lash out at folks who stand up for working people and people of color who've been disenfranchised?



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