Saturday Women’s Expo aims to educate women about female health issues

Female sexual disfunction is a topic Dr. Roberta Beals said is often considered taboo.


It’s become more common especially among 20-year-olds, said Beals, doctor of osteopathic medicine with the Lubbock Health Skin Clinic.

“It can affect any age,” she said, and it’s not well understood.

On Saturday, Beals hopes to address that topic and provide women with information on several other issues unique to females during a Women’s Expo, sponsored by the Lubbock Health Skin Clinic.

The clinic will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Grace Clinic in the Event Room on the second floor.

It will include six different speakers focusing on health issues unique to women and several information booths showcasing women-owned businesses focused on health.

Stephanie Williams, owner of Tea2Go, said she will have a booth set up for women to learn more about the health benefits of tea.

There are teas for detox purposes, hydration and weight loss, she said.

The average tea drinker, she said, is between 25 and 45.

“We get more women,” Williams said. “We’ve had more men lately.”

The expo, Williams said, will provide an opportunity to provide information about how a natural tea can be a benefit to health.

Dr. Tonia Fleming, doctor of audiology with Grace and one of the expo speakers, said she will discuss issues related to hearing.

“Our ears tell us a lot,” she said.

Symptoms of the ears can be indicators of hormone imbalance, blood pressure, auto-immune illnesses and more, Fleming said.

It’s important for women to know, she said, because women are often more likely to either seek medical assistance or encourage a man to get checked.

“It’s important to pay attention to your ears for clues as to what’s going on inside the body,” Fleming said.