Lubbock police: Officer had right of way in crash Thursday

A crash involving a Lubbock police officer early Thursday morning that caused injuries to both drivers was caught on dash cam video and seen by witnesses.


An investigation found that the officer had the right of way, according to police.

Police responded to a car wreck with injuries at the intersection of 98th Street and Frankford Avenue just after midnight on Thursday morning, according to Lubbock police spokeswoman Tiffany Pelt.

Officer Belinda House, 35, was traveling north in the 9800 block of block of Frankford Avenue into the intersection when her duty-vehicle collided with a pickup truck traveling west on 98th Street. That truck was driven by Jordan Cypret, 26.

Cypret suffered minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital by a personal vehicle. But the officer was taken by ambulance to University Medical Center for moderate injuries. She was released hours later.

The Lubbock Police Department accident investigation unit investigated the crash. On Friday morning, Pelt issued a statement that said Cypret entered the intersection with a red light, which remained red at the time of impact.

The light for northbound traffic on Frankford Avenue was green and had just turned yellow as the police officer entered the intersection. The light remained yellow at the time of the impact.

Pelt said House was on duty, but not responding to a call at the time of the crash.

Gary Mims 7 months ago
"Right of way" really? Many Lubbock drivers  with a driver's license have apparently forgotten that term. I see infractions like this and more on a daily basis.

I have never interviewed an LPD officer, but I suspect that being assigned to 'traffic duty'--as important as that is, is something that many would shun. OK, being able to ride a motorcycle in nice weather to catch the many speed violations that happen, helps with the city coffers.

Yes, I understand real crime represents the dangers and excitement a lot of police officers sign on board for. And yes, we have read about injured LPD officers in being there for us for what appeared for 'routine' incidents.

Look on your calendar, and you can find something to celebrate for the everyday services LPD provide for us on a daily basis.

I propose to the Lubbock city Council, that there should be one day where all of us can celebrate the great work LPD does for Lubbock Citizens.



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