Brothers Jesse James, Billy Kidd arrested after disturbance at Lubbock bar

“Jesse James” and “Billy Kidd” face public intoxication and weapons charges following a disturbance over the weekend at a Depot Entertainment District bar.

Police said the two brothers - 25-year-old Billy Kidd Gomez and 22-year-old Jesse James Gomez - were arrested after the incident was reported about 12:43 a.m. Sunday at Klusoz Martini Lounge in the 1800 block of Buddy Holly Avenue.

An officer responding to the bar described the men as “combative and aggressive,” saying he observed them shouting at people, according to a police report.

Staff told police the men had been removed from the bar due to their aggressive behavior and intoxication.

Standing in the middle of the road, the report states, the men were allegedly trying to incite bar staff to fight with them.

During a pat down, the officer noted the one of the men was in possession of a knife with a blade over five-and-a-half inches in length.

Both men were arrested and taken to the Lubbock County Detention Center, where Billy Kidd was booked on public intoxication, disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor warrant, and unlawful carrying weapons. He was in possesion of an illegal knife. 

Jesse James was charged with public intoxication, disorderly conduct and misdemeanor warrants. He was unarmed.

The two have since been released on bond.

Jeff Ross 6 months ago
Should have been drunk and carrying a firearm. They'd have more supporters.

Carrying a knife is part of a punchline in an Anglo joke about Hispanics.

Besides, they're just trying to live up to the names their parents gave guns would have been more appropriate.


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