Posted March 16, 2017 02:42 pm - Updated March 16, 2017 03:16 pm

Remember historic moments as Lubbock celebrates 108 years (Interactive blog)

The city of Lubbock, incorporated on March 16, 1909, is celebrating its 108th birthday today. Ever since then, U.S. Census counts have shown the city’s and county’s population growing consistently every year.

Around the time Lubbock was incorporated, the county's population grew from 293 people in 1900, to 3,624 residents in 1910, according to the Texas Almanac’s collection of U.S. Census data. The city’s population in 1910 was 1,938 residents -- 100 years later the town's population was 229,573 in 2010.

In addition to growth, there’s been a number of events since the town was incorporated that put Lubbock on the map, from Texas Tech University opening in 1925 under the name Texas Technological College to deaths of well-known Lubbockites, such as rock and roll legend Buddy Holly in 1959 and NASA astronaut Willie McCool in 2003.

Click through the map below to stroll down Lubbock’s memory lane and leave your favorite “Lubbock” memory in the comments below. (For a larger desktop view of the timeline, click here.)